Authentication, Beans, Clustering, Lazy Loading, Books and James Or Topics for 19th

Topics and questions for the 19th at October, 12th 2015 at 6.PM. CET: (no reqistration required, no obligations, just ask questions and enjoy :-)):

  1. at JavaOne 2015 (start asking), the state of workshop
  2. Practices for securing 3rd-party API credentials
  3. Is it really needed for a professional java developer to read a whole book on IDE? Or a beginner to spend so much time to understand an IDE rather than focusing on the language?
  4. Can be something 6.4x more productive than Java EE?
  5. How to implement authentication in Java EE applications?
  6. Method overloading and JAX-RS
  7. ResourceBundle injection in Java EE
  8. What are JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, ManagedBeans and BackingBeans?
  9. Does @Inject work in EAR if we want to inject something from JAR to WAR?
  10. Can we use JavaEE 7 (lib/specification) into a JavaFX application?
  11. How to pragmatically add components in afterburner.fx views
  12. Afterburner.fx and FXML case sensitivity
  13. Staging Java EE applications with docker
  14. JPA @OneToMany and JAXB
  15. Payara micro: What are my options for adding JDBC drivers and configuring resources in Payara micro ? and is there a way to keep theses configuration persisted?
  16. Pros and Cons of EJBs and clustering Samdani / blog comment
  17. Why did you stop using Apache James on your server? To reduce bandwidth? Rich / blog comment
  18. Encapsulation violation: with or without DTOs: Tony Weston / blog comment
  19. Thoughts on TDD Josue / blog comment

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