Free Session: Productive Java EE 6 - Rethinking The Patterns @JUG in Hamburg, Cluster One

During the JUGHH meeting in Hamburg, and especially a comment afterwards in my blog, I submitted the title of the session as a book proposal. After few months I'm working already on it (third chapter). The title is "Productive Java EE - Rethinking Best Practices". I promised to come back, in case the book will be approved. 

Title:   Productive Java EE 6 - Rethinking Best Practices And Bashing On Patterns, Cluster One (Part Two will follow next year)



Java EE 6 is great, but many questions like:

  • Are DAOs dead?
  • Do JSF really suck?
  • Are anemic JPA-entities a best practice?
  • Are XML deployment descriptors legacy?
  • Are EJBs lightweight?
  • How to test EJBs?
  • Is layering an antipattern?
  • Do we need factories?
  • How to integrate with RESTFul services?
  • Is it possible to deploy EJBs into a ...WAR?
  • Are "plain old web containers" dead?
  • Services or Objects - what is the way to go?

still remain open. These and many other questions will be discussed interactively with ...code.

This session will be interactive / openspace like. I will walk through the new EJB 3.1 APIs and explain some interesting stuff as well. It is the logical conduction of the first JUG HH session in May 2008.

See details for more information.

Location:  Lehmanns Bookshop, Hamburg / Germany

Date: 16.09.2008, 8 PM

Btw.  I really enjoyed the workshop "Designing the Boundary - Rich UI meets Efficient Java EE 5 Backend" in Rapperswil / Zurich yesterday. There were about 40 participants - we discussed stateful / stateless architectures, domain driven design vs. SOA, Wicket, JSF, EJB and a little bit of zkoss, data binding, presentation tier and some business tier patterns - and finally I hacked a fully functional JSF, EJB 3, JPA application in about 15 minutes and deployed it to Glassfish. The location was just awesome (Zurich Lake). I'm already looking forward  to the next year...

There were  participants (about 10) with some EJB 3 experience in projects. I got some criticism as well. I asked "What you didn't liked?". The answer was:  ...about 30 seconds of silence... :-)

Comments: there is another reason that i want to be in Germany...

Posted by Jason Kilgrow on September 12, 2008 at 05:31 PM CEST #

JSF does not really suck ... I just hate it!
Thanks for the great workshop in Rapperswil. I hope to see you again next year in Zurich.

Posted by Jonas Bandi on September 13, 2008 at 03:23 AM CEST #


there is actually no problem - Hamburg has superb flight connnection to U.S.. And the airport is about half hour from the book store. I would even translate the key parts for you in real time :-).

thanks and regards,

see you then at the JavaONE?



Posted by Adam Bien on September 13, 2008 at 02:30 PM CEST #


thank you for the comment - see you again, hopefully in Rapperswil next year - the location is just beautiful.

We agreed on the topic already - so let us kill some patterns :-).

So your statements is: JSF rocks and you hate it? :-)



Posted by Adam Bien on September 13, 2008 at 02:32 PM CEST #

Hi Adam,

well I would not be as arrogant as to claim that JSF sucks.
It certainly has some "rocking" features (mainly having a flourishing component market and beeing widely adopted ...)
But I personally have problems wrapping my head around implementing MVC with JSF.
- Where/What are the controllers? (Servlet?)
- The view is the first "instance" to get control when handling a request. In my world this should be the controller...
- Following a Pull- and not a Push-Philosophy just is not compatible with my idea of MVC

One example resulting from this is described here:

And I am sure there are uncountable JSF-mistakes that have this mistake unknowingly ...


btw. next year ch/open will be in Zürich not Rapperswil (much less beautiful, but better reachability ...)

Posted by Jonas Bandi on September 15, 2008 at 01:48 PM CEST #

Great session, even though Lehmann's should give you another 30 minutes for your conclusions/summary.

BR, Sven

Posted by Sven Linstaedt on September 17, 2008 at 02:04 AM CEST #

By the was I blogged abou your session in Rapperswil:

I hope you dont mind.


Posted by Jonas Bandi on September 26, 2008 at 12:14 AM CEST #

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