Java EE 5 Workshop/SOA/Architecture at Sun Tech Days, meeting with James Gosling

My workshop with the short name: "Using Java EE 5 and SOA to Architect and Design Robust Enterprise Applications" at Sun Tech Days in Frankfurt at December 3rd, 2007 will take place. There are already 12 registered students. I'm not sure what the upper limit of participants is, in regular trainings at Sun about 14. However I'm already looking forward to meet James Gosling at Tuesday. At looks like JUG Leaders, JCs, Ambassadors will get the opportunity to meet him and ask some questions. So if you have some interesting questions - let me know :-). The remaining conference with come brilliant speakers like Craig McClanahan, Heinz Kabutz and Kik Pepperdine, of course James Gosling and many others Speakers/Sun Engineers will be interesting as well. I will spend some time with Michael Huetterman, Klaasjan Tukker, Toni Epple at the booth at Tuesday 10.10-10.30. So please free to come for a talk. Sun Tech Days in Frankfurt has really the potential to become a small Java One :-).


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