Java FX Player - will it come at JavaONE?

Java SE 6 Update 10 is a huge step forward. I'm using it for development (Netbeans / Eclipse / Glassfish / Java DB) and works really well (no issues so far). During my RIA session at the JAX-conference one participant asked me about the relation between Java FX script and Java SE update 10. Actually Java SE 6 Update 10 comes with some really interesting features like improved installation, "kernel" and "class cache". Actually it wouldn't be that hard to built an Java FX Player, using Java SE 6 Update 10, which dowloads Java FX Script and executes (precompiles) it directly. I wouldn't be surprised to hear an announcement at the JavaONE 2008 this year :-). It is just the logical next step...


I am almost sure there will be news from the Java FX compiler side and some insights to the "Adobe style JavaFX designer tool".

But I am more curious about the relation between the new JavaFX Desktop profile and plain old Java SE (update 10 ;-) ).

(+ 3d scene graph and more.... can't wait :-))

Posted by Michael Bien on April 30, 2008 at 01:09 AM CEST #

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