JavaOne News: Day 2

  1. The whole day was a stream of technical sessions without any interruptions. The sessions were interesting and well presented. I only picked the lunch by accident in the exhibition hall. The "sleeping is optional" mode is a eight years old JavaOne tradition. Now even eating is optional:-).
  2. Java FX 9 is going to be integrated into the Jigsaw module system. The Java FX team is refactoring the code base to hide the implementation details and expose the public API. This comes with added value: CSS parsing is going to be exposed as public API. See also: JEP 253. Also high DPI modes are going to be better supported. No additional controls are planned for Java 9.
  3. The exhibition hall opened and it was busy as usual. The aldebaran family got a bigger robot, Oracle implemented a swarm of overeingineered coffee machines and heavily invested in GameBoy again. I also identified lots of devices which served no real purpose. Seems like Cargo Cult Hardware. It was hard to say "hello" to Payara, tomitribe or Vaadin or Hazelcast folks without interrupting ongoing conversations. Stay tuned and wait for the next edition.
  4. Most engineers at Oracle seem to changed their titles, positions and responsibilities (some even entirely switched their jobs). Seems like there was a huge internal reorganization. From the outside it looks like Math.random() strategy was used to re-assign the engineers to new responsibilities.
  5. The Java SE Cloud from Oracle looks pragmatic lean and interesting. I'm already looking forward to play with it.
  6. The first time ever I asked the attendees in the session "From Macro to Micro(Services) and Back: Onstage Hacking with Java EE 7 " to keep all the questions for the BoF right after the session. I hacked two microservices, explained the pitfalls and introduced a simplistic implementation of the "Circuit Breaker" pattern: breakr as well as porcupine. The room was too small for the ~300 attendees.
  7. In the "Separations of Concerns" spirit, I used the BoF: "Most Popular Java (EE) Q&A: Live" to answer all the remaining questions for the whole hour. Thanks for all the interactions. I recorded the session and I'm going to release it at
  8. The first time ever I attended the JCP party and was surprised by the "Delicate Sound of Thunder". It was the popular Null Pointer band -- the real JavaOne Rockstars. JCP event overlapped with my BoF so I came a bit too late. I was able to have interesting discussions with JCP Spec leads, tomitribe folks, Oracle engineers and even attendees like the creator of the jax-rs analyzer.
  9. I'm already looking forward to my slot at the session "IDE Wars", "What's the Best IDE for Java EE?" CON6699. I got a 10 minutes slot for the presentation of NetBeans Java EE capabilities.
  10. The nights are short. Business as usual at JavaOne :-)

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedicated Workshops / consulting. Is Munich's airport too far? Learn from home:


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