Maven Commitment -- a Podcast Episode with Robert Scholte

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An conversation with Robert Scholte (@rfscholte) about:

"CGI Java Netherlands, Maven Invoker, never mvn clean, apache maven commitment and committing, Watch and Deploy (, Atari 800XL, hacking basic with 10 years, peeks and pokes, MS DOS and startup screens, JDK 1.4, illegal generics, Java EE on JBoss was good, not the build process, intelligent builds with Maven, Apache Jelly, Jason van Zyl, Maven vs. Ant, loosing information with Google Web Toolkit (GWT), parsing Java with qdox, Paul Hammant, Maven Release Plugin "Fix It" video , Using Java console for passwords and the bash history, Java 6 and password encryption, clarifying the development of Maven plugins (default values and expressions), going from Maven 1 to Maven 2 and the respository structure, from Maven 2 to Maven 3, Eclipse IDE wanted Maven 3, Maven 3.7 is (probably) going to optimize downloads, there will be no Maven 4, Maven 5 will rely on pom's model version 5, splitting pom into local and remote part, writing POM in alternative formats,, takari polyglot, Maven extensions,plexus classworlds is Maven's OSGi, what is the default version of apache Maven plugins, is it possible to pull "latest" apache maven plugins, Maven extensions for plugin version configuration, clean poms, WAD runs all the time, using GraalVM to make a native version of Maven, Maven Archetype always generates parents, Up For Graps, Maven 5.x: How to be prepared for the future?, Maven is probably the only build tool, with tight integration with Java Platform Module System, Gradle, Apache Buildr is EoL, Bezel, Apache Ant is not dead and supports Java 11, Robert is a freelancer, CEO of SourceGrounds and available for hire."

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