Upcoming Java EE 5/6 Workshops and Events - Some Free

  1. Java EE 5/6 Patterns in Hamburg 31.08 - 04.09.2009. Already enough registrations - will take place. I will explain some theory, but actually we will develop together the whole week a Java EE 5/6 application with EJB 3.X, JPA, JMS, JSF 2.0 considering patterns, best practices. I always try to answer all questions - in best case with working code.
  2. Real World Java EE Patterns and Best Practices in Zurich (08.09). Will also definitely take place - already 15 registrations! The last time there were too many participants, so that we had to repeat the workshop. I will loosely cover the contents from book during the workshop, but the ultimate aim will be to explain the essential and maintainable Java EE 5/6 architectures with lot of source code and tools. The content of this workshop was chosen by the participants in last years workshop in rapperswil. We will try to kill as many superfluous and bloated patterns, best practices and frameworks, as only possible.
  3. Maintainable Java EE applications in Munich (12.10-14.10.2009): a 3-day "power" workshop. The last time we developed together an "Oktoberfest Chicken Delivery Service" application with Java EE 5 in 3-days - installation of the appserver, IDE and database included. This year we will develop something else. What? It depends on the attendees - Xtreme Training :-). Regardless what Use Cases you will choose, we will develop everything from scratch with "production" quality.
  4. Efficient Enterprise Architectures with Java in Munich (12.10. - 14.10.2009). In this workshop I will cover the approaches, best practices for developing efficient and maintainable enterprise architectures. Especially the conceptual background / decisions and questions like: 
    - Do we need architectures?
    - How important is documentation? Is it possible to be DRY?
    - BASE vs. ACID
    - (Domain) Objects vs. Services (Procedures)
    - What about cloud computing?
    - How to choose a framework?
    - Extreme scaling
    - Efficient projects and team-building
    - Real works tools, frameworks and libraries
    - Monitoring, profiling and testing
    -(...) and everything else you will ask for. 
  5. Xtreme Lightweight Architectures (XLAs) with Java EE 6 (JUG Dresden) - free event.
  6. 08.10 @rheinjug - abstract and topic still work in progress :-) - will be free.
Because of my current project load, I will try to limit my "training gigs", but will participate at least in the mentioned here.


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