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The List Of Certified Java EE 6 Servers--Every Other Month A New Server

There are already 11 certified Java EE 6 servers. It is actually amazing--Java EE 6 was released in 10 Dec, 2009. So we get almost every other month a new Java EE 6 server released. But: there are also servers available like Siwpas which are not certified, but are also working well (at least do not smoke after booting).
I smoke-tested some of them:

  1. Caucho Resin
  2. JBoss
  3. Tomcat / Tom EE
  4. WebLogic
  5. Siwpas
  6. …even in the clouds

I did not tested GlassFish explicitly, but the ServerSmokeTest, x-ray as well as all Rethinking Best Practices projects were developed and tested on GlassFish.

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From experience Glassfish is highly reliable. We have a full blown enterprise school management software (JPA, EJB, WEB) that we ve deployed only on glassfish in many schools. In other words we ve tested Glassfish for u : )

Posted by Faiz Bashir on February 15, 2012 at 09:56 PM CET #

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