Tomcat On Steroids (on Java EE 6) = TomEE--A Server Smoke Test

Apache TomEE is an opensource, Java EE 6 WebProfile certified, easy to install Java EE 6 server.
The test:

  1. Download size ( ): 43.8 MB (it is the biggest available download. It contains the Java EE 6 WebProfile with some "full profile" functionality)
  2. Installation = Unzip
  3. Disc size: 50.9 MB after installation
  4. Startup: same as tomcat: ./
  5. Full deployment of ServerSmokeTest took < 2 secs.
  6. Tested were: Stereotypes (encapsulating @Named and @RequestScoped), @RequestScoped, @Named CDI-Beans, Injection of EJB 3.1 (no interface view), into CDI bean, @Singleton,@Stateless, CDI-events, POJO-injection, Interceptors
  7. ServerSmokeTest works without any modification on Glassfish v3, WebLogic 12c, JBoss 7.0.2, JBoss 6m5, SIwpas-1.0.0-CR4, resin-4.0.12 and even in the openshift cloud.

First impression: good. Easy to install, fast deployment, no problems. TomEE is another reason to get rid of the complicated and bloated Plain Old Web Containers :).

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Hi Adam,

Are there any compatibility issues with current applications running on regular Tomcat?

Is the community for tomee active?

Posted by itoctopus on February 02, 2012 at 09:10 PM CET #


"Are there any compatibility issues with current applications running on regular Tomcat?"

I'm not aware of any. However: with TomEE I would be more careful with the classpath :-)

"Is the community for tomee active?"

I would classify the community as hyperactive :-).

There is a lot of buzz around. I guess you could get quality support directly from the committers.



Posted by Adam Bien on February 07, 2012 at 08:07 AM CET #

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