The List Of Certified Java EE 6 Servers--Every Other Month A New Server

There are already 11 certified Java EE 6 servers. It is actually amazing--Java EE 6 was released in 10 Dec, 2009. So we get almost every other month a new Java EE 6 server released. But: there are also servers available like Siwpas which are not certified, but are also working well (at least do not smoke after booting).
I smoke-tested some of them:

  1. Caucho Resin
  2. JBoss
  3. Tomcat / Tom EE
  4. WebLogic
  5. Siwpas
  6. …even in the clouds

I did not tested GlassFish explicitly, but the ServerSmokeTest, x-ray as well as all Rethinking Best Practices projects were developed and tested on GlassFish.


From experience Glassfish is highly reliable. We have a full blown enterprise school management software (JPA, EJB, WEB) that we ve deployed only on glassfish in many schools. In other words we ve tested Glassfish for u : )

Posted by Faiz Bashir on February 15, 2012 at 09:56 PM CET #

Any chance you are looking at EE7 servers? If you do please include WLP would be interest to know how it measures up. Thanks!!

Posted by Tom McManus on May 07, 2015 at 02:18 PM CEST #

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