Java EE 6 - The Most Popular Thing In 2010

  1. I never had to repeat a Java EE related workshop before, because of AttendeesOverflowException(185)
  2. I never got as many project requests with explicit mentioning of Java EE 6 before
  3. I never got as many explicit requests for migration projects from J2EE and the "custom lightweight" world :-)
  4. I never sold as many Java EE books before. The sales of Real World Java EE Patterns are even increasing. The book was sometimes listed at second place (the rank varies) on and competing with Getting Real by 37 Signals, Rails and flex books
  5. ...and I never got as many nice reviews before :-)
  6. I never got as many explicit JUG requests for Java EE 6 - I will even visit some vampires soon.
  7. There were never as many "third party" Java EE servers (siwpas, tomtom, resin) offered before
  8. JBoss 6 was released, JBoss 7 is on the road and even WebSphere 8.0 Beta supports Java EE 6
  9. Java EE 6 even filled a whole cinema and overcrowded a larger room at JavaOne Beijing
  10. I never got as positive feedback about Java EE in direct interaction with attendees in workshops, projects and sessions before.
  11. ...and we never had explicit Java EE 6 days at conferences before....
  12. There was even a dedicated Java EE 6 Edition of the German Java Magazin

I'm sure this post could be also interpreted as certain sign for "The End of Java EE" :-). J2EE, however is already dead, completely dead.


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